50th Annual ACM Awards

April 27, 2015

The ACM Awards are also commonly referred to as The Academy of Country Music Awards, and they are held to honor the accomplishments of the country music industry’s previous year. It is the first country music awards event to be offered by a major organization; this took place in the year 1966. In 1968 the trademark Academy’s hat trophy was first implemented. ABC was the first to televise the Annual ACM Awards in 1972, and Dick Clark Productions joined with the Academy in 1979 to produce the show. Gene Weed was the director while Al Schwartz and Dick Clark acted as producers, and the ACM Awards soon moved from NBC and then to CBS where its remains.


The Awards recognize achievement from the previous year and are generally held in the spring, during April or May. There are a variety of awards which recognize specific things; there are awards which are granted to musicians, videos, songs, albums, and female and male vocalists. The awards with the highest status include Artist of the Decade and Entertainer of the Year.

The 50th Annual Academy of Country music took place at AT&T Stadium, which is the Home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, TX, on April 19th, 2015. Annual ACM Awards opened its doors at 3:00 pm CT, where guests could get a sneak peak as stars arrived on the red carpet. The audience was seated by 6:30 and the show officially began at 7:00 pm. The show was scheduled to last 3 ½ hours and was aired live to the East coast but tape-delayed to the West.

acm-awards-stage For the third year in a row Party for a Cause was hosted by the Academy of Country Music Awards. It was held at Globe Life Park from April 17th-18th and featured more than 30 different country music artists at the outdoor event. The Party for a Cause also exhibited vendors from around the country, live country music performances, and was generally an interactive experience perfect for the whole family.

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton co-hosted the Country Music’s Party of the Year. Florida George Line received The 2015 ACM Award for Vocal Duo. Reba McEntire was given a Milestone Award which she certainly deserved. Miranda Lambert took home several awards and came out as one of the biggest winners of the 50th Annual Academy of Country music. She took received acm-awards-votra Milestone Award, an award for Female Vocalist of the Year, as well as Album of the Year (Platinum), and Song of the Year (“Automatic”). Taylor Swift was given a Milestone Award while also gently saying her farewells to country music. Garth Brooks, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, and Brooks and Dunn also received a Milestone Award. Vocal Group of the Year was given to Little Big Town. Single Record of the Year was given to Lee Brice for his song “I Don’t Dance.” Cole Swindell received the award for New Artist of the Year. Male Vocalist of the year was granted to Jason Aldean, and Entertainer of the Year went to Luke Bryan. Click here to find other entertainment choices for your entire family.

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Three Walking Dead Episodes You Should Rewatch

November 24, 2014


The Walking Dead’s five seasons have certainly had their ups and downs, but the show can boast a number of excellent episodes that are not just loved by fans but even praised by television critics as exciting or heart wrenching or terrifying. If you’re in the mood to rewatch some of the earlier episodes of the Walking Dead, consider the following excellent episodes that are more than worth your time!

Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels
Season 2 gets a of flack, and while some of that flack is deserved, there are few fans who can criticize the second-to-last episode of the season. In Better Angels, the tension-filled storylines that have been building since the first season and reached their peak in season 2 finally reach the meeting point. Shane confronts Rick, Rick kills Shane, and Carl kills the reanimated Shane–which is not only one of the best dramatic moments of the show, it is the moment where Rick’s fears about the virus were confirmed; you didn’t have to be bit to become one of them. Everyone was already infected. To top this off, the episode revealed that an enormous herd of walkers was now headed for the farm, which the group would have to contend with in the season finale.

Season 1, Episode 1: Days Gone By
The first episode of the series is arguably the best—partly because it was part of the original Darabont run of episodes. The episode is a perfect introduction into the world of the Walking Dead, and combines fear, drama, and even action into a stunning 67 minutes.

Season 4, Episode 11: Claimed
walking-dead-fightClaimed was one of the first episodes in a while that could truly be called terrifying. The episode was filled with tension: Glenn was taken in by Abraham and his group, who argued that Glenn and Tara had no other option than to come with them to D.C.,; while a group of aggressive bandits break into the house where Carl, Rick and Michonne have been staying; and finally Carl and Michonne are off together searching for supplies and run into their own troubles. The episode managed to balance these three storylines perfectly and brought in a sense of real tension with Rick’s close encounters with the dangerous group who, as fans of the show will know, would play a role during another tense sequence in season 4. You can watch all the old episodes online with a subscription to a reliable Internet provider. Check out these Time Warner Cable Internet plans and prices.  Decide which one is right for your household. You won’t be disappointed with any of them.


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Beware the Beast: Everything You Wanted to Know About The Sandlot’s “Beast”

November 13, 2014


The Sandlot is one of the most iconic coming-of-age films from the 1990s. The film is best known for its great one-liners (“You’re killing me, Smalls!”) and its primary antagonist, the Beast. The Beast–also known as Hercules–is a neighborhood legend in the film, which is well known for making it impossible for any balls knocked into his master’s yard to be retrieved. The following is everything you ever wanted or needed to know about this iconic 90s film dog.

“The Beast” legends get more ridiculous as the film goes on
The legends about The Beast in the film range from his extensive age to his many terrible deeds, which are often the top and even include murder–such as the legend that the Beast ate anywhere between 120 and 173 thieves (bones and all) who snuck into his master’s backyard. As the film goes on, the legends about the Beast become even more sinister. Rumors are spread that the Beast is not just an ordinary dog, but a giant gorilla-like dog who ate at least one little boy.


The Beast’s real name is Hercules


Towards the end of the film, after the Beast is saved and makes friends with Smalls and his friends, it is revealed that his real name is actually Hercules.

The Beast has an extraordinary life span
If the legends about when the Beast was born are true, it would make him about 20 years old in the film. The typical lifespan of an English Mastiff is 7 to 11 years, so if the timeline is correct, it would make the Beast an extraordinarily old dog for his breed.

Several English Mastiff dogs played The Beast
the-sandlot-beast-jumpingSeveral English Mastiff dogs were used to play The Beast in the film. Younger dogs were used for some of the more physical stunts, while the older dogs were used for the establishing shots of the character. The names of the dogs who worked on the film are unknown.

Special Beast puppets were created for the film’s “Beast” sequences
During the scenes where the kids were imagining the Beast as a gigantic monster, special monster puppets designed by the show’s costume department were used to create the effect of a huge, monstrous dog-like beast. The puppets required at least two to three people inside to use, and took hours of work to complete.


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Adventures of Superman

October 23, 2013

Superman, the American icon of comic book fame, DC’s flagship character, has had a lot of television shows over the years.  A lot.  From the horribly cheesy Superboy, to the soap opera, light hearted Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and the recently ended Smallville, Superman has enjoyed a slew of live action appearances on TV.


One Superman show that is often forgotten is Adventures of Superman, which aired in the 50’s.  George Reeves, the subject of the film Hollywoodland starring Ben Affleck, the current Batman, played Clark Kent/Superman.  There were a lot of shows that debuted in the 50’s that were similar in vibe and look as Adventures of Superman.  The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Richard Greene, for example, had the same down home, aw shucks kind of attitude.  It was the 50’s and everyone was friendly and sweet, even the bad guys had manners on Superman.  I love this decade and much of its pop culture, including films and other TV programs.


Superman fought petty criminals for the most part, thugs that stole or tried to beat up innocent people and the show was very clean cut, as was normal during this time.  It started with a feature length film entitled Superman and the Mole Men that was successful enough to prompt a full series, which lasted for 6 seasons and 104 episodes.  The episodes were not very long, only about 25 minutes each and the plots were usually pretty simplistic but it had an easy going, fun atmosphere.


George Reeves looked the part of Superman.  He was tall and handsome and had a commanding voice but was still good natured and likable.  All the other staples of Superman were there as well, with Lois Lane as his work colleague and shrewd fellow reported, Jimmy Olsen, the young, wet behind the ears photographer that looks up to Superman and their boss, Perry White, the loud, blustering publisher of The Daily Planet, Metropolis’ newspaper.

The show began as a black and white program but after the start of the 1955 season, it changed to color.  I kind of liked the charm of the black and white ones more.
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New iPhone 5 2013

September 16, 2013

iphone5-double So we all thought the iPhone couldn’t get any better, right? From navigating the city streets to text messaging our friends to keeping track of our busy lives, the iPhone has become something none of us would dream of living without. Every moment of every day, Apple’s newest technology comes into play, making out lives easier and more efficient. Could it possibly get any better?

Actually, it just did.

Welcome to the newest technology available – the iPhone 5s.  Featuring a 64-bit A7 chip, 8 megapixel iSight camera with Tru Tone flash, this new phone has the potential to be amazing. But that’s not all. Apple is introducing their newest innovation: the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

We all know the drill. Our iPhones ring in the middle of a business meeting, while we’re driving, or during that quiet lecture. We fumble with our phones, and without fail the unlocking process feels like cracking a complicated code. Or little Johnny manages to unlock your phone again, accidentally sending meaningless messages to all of your contacts.

That’s where the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor comes into play.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock your phone effortlessly, with just a touch of your finger. Because it actually recognizes your fingerprint, you don’t need to worry about remembering a password. Your iPhone will unlock with a simple touch of your finger. Besides allowing you to unlock your phone effortlessly, the Touch ID function also can be used to securely approve your purchases from iTunes store, App Store or the iBooks Store.

iphone5-singleSound too good to be true? Wait. It gets better. The iPhone 5s also features a remarkably thin, sleek design. Does the typical white or grey finish look too boring to you? The iPhone 5s comes in three finishes: gold, silver and space grey.

Plus, with twice the CPU and graphics performance, you’ll save time as well as effort. Add to that the new M7 motion coprocessor, saving battery life, plus the ground breaking visual effects… what more could you ask for?

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Things to do in Asheville NC

August 9, 2013
Things to do in Asheville NC

Things to do in Asheville NC
Click image for bigger version.

Find fun things to do in Asheville NC

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Check Out Charter Communications Package Deals

August 9, 2013

charter-internet Have a hay-day every day when you order one or many of the services that come with Charter Cable Deals! Whether it is the weekend and you want to enjoy the best technologies with which to entertain yourself or it is the end of a weekday and you want nothing more than to relax and forget about your daily stresses, Charter’s services are perfect for any household. Extremely affordable, enjoy Charter TVô in HD, Charter Internet, and Charter Phone Unlimited whenever you are at home! For more details about the best Charter Communications Deals, click http://www.chartercabledeals.org/.

Get more out of your television with Charter TV’s magnitude of channels!  With international programming from hundreds of countries you can learn new languages simply by watching movies in their original languages!  Exposure to new ideas and interests has never been easier with so many channels from Charter TV in HD that have individual programming for more in-depth coverage of the most exciting topics.

HD is the most exciting television there is with so much detail it feels like you are physically in the action of whatever you are watching.  If you love talk shows you will feel like you are in the audience and when it comes to sports there is no other way to view them!  Charter TV has more HD channels with hundreds readily available and even more of them are constantly being added so that you never run out of great HD choices.

With so many great options, monitoring when everyone in the house you live in is able to watch television is extremely important which is where Charter’s many television programming features come in handy.  With a DVR the ability to record live television, even if someone is actively watching something, is possible.  With HD recording ability this guarantees that you never miss shows, sports games, movies, or anything else you want to catch, and you will not even reduce the quality it is in!

When you order On Demand in HD you get over 900 High Definition selections along with over 6,500 additional ones for the most options which can be viewed instantly! Similarly, Pay-Per-View has tons of live choices, many in HD that can be viewed at the click of button.

charter-tvThese days you can stream almost anything online, that is if you have a strong enough internet connection.  With Charter Internet you can always enjoy the fastest online services even if three are many people in your house that are online simultaneously.  You do not even have to surf next to the router.  Instead, enjoy HD streaming, almost instantaneous downloading abilities, instant page uploads, insanely effective gaming without lag, and more from the comfort of your room no matter where it is located in the house!

Charter Internet is variable so that it can meet your surfing needs perfectly.  Whether you want the ultimate package with all the bells and whistles or a basic and even more affordable deal, you can get exactly what you want with Charter Lite, Express, Plus, Max, or Ultra 60!  A great number of features, including a security suite, personal email accounts, access to various websites, and others are offered for fun supplemental online experiences.

Being able to facilitate great communication is essential when it comes to business transactions, talking to family, and keeping up with friends.  With Charter Phone Unlimited the audio quality offered to all fifty states, Canada, and Puerto Rico is the clearest it has ever been.  Never say “can you hear me now?” ever again with Charter Phone Unlimited!

A calling plan fit for anyone and everyone, unlimited calling from Charter offers a safe haven for making phone calls when, where, and how you need to.  Whether you need to phone late at night because of an emergency or during the day to call your boss, there are no restrictions on when you can call, how long you can talk, or to where you are calling with Charter Phone’s awesome calling plan!

This is guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars on overage fees not to mention peace of mind every day.  Calling features utilizing advanced online technology for your home phone include call forwarding selective and a link between your email and voicemail, ensuring that those important individuals phoning you do not get left in the dark with unanswered calls!

Give yourself a present with these awesome services that are only available from Charter!  You can pick one, two, or all three and combine them for the ultimate deals for intense savings opportunities. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, why not order Charter Cable Deals that are available in your area by checking them out online today.

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Time Warner Cable Deals Will Help You Save

August 9, 2013

time-warner cable-internet Winter is coming and with it comes that awful cold weather. Stay warm inside and share a movie day with your friends. With On Demand and HD DVR services from Time Warner Cable TV, you can rent a new release movie in the comfort of your own home. Have your friends over and host a movie day or even have a marathon.

Visiting family that lives out of state or across the country is difficult during those cold winter months, but with Time Warner Cable Home Phone service you can visit with them over the phone. With unlimited nationwide calling, you can talk as much as you want at a great low price.

Do not forget about emailing. With Time Warner Cable Internet, you can contact your friends and family via email or your favorite social site at lightning fast speeds. Time Warner Cable has you covered, so you can stay cozy and warm at home. Check out TWC High-Speed Internet Plans and order soon.

Chat Until You Drop
The weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful, so why leave? With Time Warner Cable Home Phone service, you can contact your family and friends without venturing out into the cold. You have unlimited local and long distance calling, so you can talk to your parents across the country as much as you talk to your friend that lives down the street. With the holidays so near, saving money is important. Stop wasting money on calling cards and save with Time Warner Cable International calling. At such an affordable rate, you can’t go wrong.

The Web At Your Fingertips
Spend less time waiting on your slow dial up connection and more time with your family through Time Warner Cable Internet services. At lightning fast speeds, you can get all of your browsing done, and spend more time cuddling on the couch with that special someone. With Wi-Fi from Time Warner Cable, you can get your work done in comfort. If you have the flu and do not feel well enough to get out of bed, use your laptop or mobile device to keep up with your ever growing pile of emails. Time Warner Cable takes your comfort seriously. Click Cable Television Bundles to find out more.

time-warner-cable-seaTV Time Is Family Time
Host a SuperBowl party or a movie night with Time Warner Cable TV. Spending time with your buddies is important for your sanity in the cold winter months. With On Demand and DVR from Time Warner Cable, you can host a UFC night in the comfort of your own living room. Just rent the fight, grab your snacks and you are good to go. Never miss a show again. With your DVR handy, you can record your favorite shows and watch them on your own time. Even pause, rewind and fast forward live TV. Convenience is key with Time Warner Cable.

Do not let your family time slip through the cracks of your busy schedule, take time to cuddle on the couch with you family and catch up on your favorite show, or rent a movie. Family time has never been more affordable.


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Perry Fisher Honored By His Peers

August 9, 2013

courtroom-asheville Perry Fisher operates as a personal injury lawyer for the area of Asheville, NC and beyond. He is a partner in Fisher Stark Cash, P.A., a private practice law firm that he started in 2007. It has been announced that Mr. Fisher recently received his fifth AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. This AV rating was also given to the law firm of Fisher Stark Cash, P.A. Find more information by clicking Asheville NC Legal Firm now.

Martindale-Hubbell does Peer Review Ratings that strive to reflect the quality and level of professional ethics a lawyer exhibits, as well as his or her knowledge of the law. The five percent of lawyers that actually receive this rating have shown themselves to have impeccable professional ethics and an extensive knowledge of the area of law they practice in. They have become recognized as professionals that can be trusted and respected in their fields.

In order to receive an AV rating, a lawyer is reviewed anonymously. There are no nominations or donations given for these reviews. They cannot be paid for or bought. Lawyers and judges anonymously review the attorney’s experience, legal knowledge and professional ethics. The reviews are then combined for the rating.

In response to his recent AV rating, Fisher stated, “I am very honored and humbled to receive this professional distinction from my peers recognizing what I feel is a history of providing outstanding service to my clients, and I look forward to continuing to serve my clients to the best of my ability.”

courtroom-asheville-ncMr. Fisher practices in the area of personal injury law, including traumatic brain injury, catastrophic injury and wrongful death. In addition to assisting his clients, Mr. Fisher provides pro bono assistance to those in need on a regular basis and has served his community in many ways, including as President for the 28th Judicial District Bar. Mr. Fisher is committed to helping injured families cope and heal, and remains dedicated to helping his community and his clients.

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