Three Walking Dead Episodes You Should Rewatch

November 24, 2014


The Walking Dead’s five seasons have certainly had their ups and downs, but the show can boast a number of excellent episodes that are not just loved by fans but even praised by television critics as exciting or heart wrenching or terrifying. If you’re in the mood to rewatch some of the earlier episodes of the Walking Dead, consider the following excellent episodes that are more than worth your time!

Season 2, Episode 12: Better Angels
Season 2 gets a of flack, and while some of that flack is deserved, there are few fans who can criticize the second-to-last episode of the season. In Better Angels, the tension-filled storylines that have been building since the first season and reached their peak in season 2 finally reach the meeting point. Shane confronts Rick, Rick kills Shane, and Carl kills the reanimated Shane–which is not only one of the best dramatic moments of the show, it is the moment where Rick’s fears about the virus were confirmed; you didn’t have to be bit to become one of them. Everyone was already infected. To top this off, the episode revealed that an enormous herd of walkers was now headed for the farm, which the group would have to contend with in the season finale.

Season 1, Episode 1: Days Gone By
The first episode of the series is arguably the best—partly because it was part of the original Darabont run of episodes. The episode is a perfect introduction into the world of the Walking Dead, and combines fear, drama, and even action into a stunning 67 minutes.

Season 4, Episode 11: Claimed
walking-dead-fightClaimed was one of the first episodes in a while that could truly be called terrifying. The episode was filled with tension: Glenn was taken in by Abraham and his group, who argued that Glenn and Tara had no other option than to come with them to D.C.,; while a group of aggressive bandits break into the house where Carl, Rick and Michonne have been staying; and finally Carl and Michonne are off together searching for supplies and run into their own troubles. The episode managed to balance these three storylines perfectly and brought in a sense of real tension with Rick’s close encounters with the dangerous group who, as fans of the show will know, would play a role during another tense sequence in season 4. You can watch all the old episodes online with a subscription to a reliable Internet provider. Check out these Time Warner Cable Internet plans and prices.  Decide which one is right for your household. You won’t be disappointed with any of them.